Spring Clean Your Sex Life And Try Something New


Change your sexual habits and enjoy more intense pleasure

spring clean your sex life happy easter 2016Over the past few days the sun has started to actively shine in the sky, instead of a token appearance for a moment before scuttling off behind big grey clouds. There’s no mistaking the signs that spring is on the way. A walk through my small village gives me plenty of reasons to smile, and there’s evidence that springtime is near. Neighbours are tackling their winter-bashed hedges, jet washing their cars, sanding down a new DIY project on the drive or making time to spring clean the junk from the garage. Buds have appeared on bushes as I walk by them and there’s the first signs of blossoms on the recently bare trees. My steps feel lighter, I feel happier, and I realise it’s all down to that beautiful big yellow thing in the sky that we don’t get to see enough of here in England.

As the weather turns warmer and brighter (long may it last) and the season rolls round to spring, thoughts do tend to turn towards spring cleaning. It’s in our nature. Spring is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts – whether that’s finally sorting out the cupboard under the stairs or taking all the old trash in the garage to the tip, finally. Perhaps this is the year you get rid of the worn out Christmas decorations and promise yourself you’ll be sensible and buy new ones in good time for December’s festivities. There’s that DIY furniture project you always said you’d finish, a room which needs painting and you should probably tackle the back garden at some point too.

Could you spring clean your sex life?

I know, that might seem a bit off-topic. However, when you’re considering areas of your home and your life to spring clean, why neglect an area which should provide you (and any partner you may have) with plenty of regular pleasure? Your sex life deserves as much (in my opinion, more) attention than any of the above projects, and the time to refresh your sex life and action some positive change is most definitely now.

Spring clean your sex life happy Easter 2016

Here’s three areas of your sex life which can be transformed with just a few simple changes, maximizing intimacy with your partner and giving your relationship with them (and/or with yourself) a new lease of life.

Try a new sex position

Researching and experimenting with new sex positions with your partner could help you reclaim that ‘honeymoon’ feeling in your relationship. If you’re always doing it doggy, why not change it up with reverse cowgirl one time? We’re not all flexible enough for the wheelbarrow or sex-while-doing-a-handstand-on-the-ceiling* but there’s certainly more to sex than a cosy habit of missionary, cuddle, sleep.

As well as trying out new positions, sex in different locations is a great way to give your sex a new lease of life. Sex is often seen as a private, intimate activity for a couple and so keeping it to the bedroom seems natural. Christening another room of the house could feel naughty… taboo, even. Whether it’s scheduling a sexy shower together or being taken over the kitchen table (make sure you clean it before and after!), a change of sex scenery will do your love life and relationship the world of good.

Introduce kink – or try a new one

Are you the kinky sort? If you haven’t dabbled in kink, does it at least interest or even excite you? Even if you feel like a black belt in the BDSM arts there’s ways to spring clean your kinky sex habits. Introduce a new kink, after discussion with your partner of course – don’t go springing a new kink or name-calling on them mid-flow when you don’t know how it’ll go down.

Just as it’s easy to slip into comfortable habits with sex, it’s easy to only indulge in the same tried and tested kink sessions with your partner each and every time. Trying new things can be a real game changer. For instance, if my partner and I hadn’t moved from bondage into schoolgirl/headmaster roleplay on a few occasions I would never have known we both have a powerful ageplay fetish (Daddy Dom/little girl, aka DD/lg).

Even if the way you play right now is suitably exciting for you, it is definitely worth carefully discussing different options with your partner before your next kinky sesh. Is there an opportunity to switch the power exchange? If the punishment play is always hand spanking you could talk about including a spanking paddle or flogger, or sensory play tools like a pinwheel or vampire gloves.

You never know, you could uncover fetishes in your partner you never knew they had, such as ageplay, foot fetish, FemDom or chastity.

Spring clean your sex toy collection

spring clean your sex life happy easter 2016 rose and glassDoes your hand get covered in fluff or spilled lube every time you reach into that sex toy pile under the bed? Is your ‘old faithful’ vibrator now less powerful than your electric toothbrush? Now is a great time to go through your sex toys and clear out anything that just isn’t doing it for you anymore.

It’s hard saying goodbye, I know… but sometimes you just have to be brave and chuck the sex toys that were once a dream and have become a nightmare. I used to have several jelly sex toys once upon a time and although I thought they were brilliant they cracked and became deformed over the years. That’s before I knew about toxic sex toy materials, of course. Then there’s that bottle of silicone lube which *always* spills down the side and leaves a gooey puddle of doom at the bottom of your lubes drawer (tip: line any sex toy/lube boxes or drawers with a plastic bag or waterproof, wipe clean place mat for example).

Spring clean. Throw away anything which is broken, dangerous, a hassle, a nightmare. Welcome in a new era of clean, efficient and body-safe sexual pleasure. New sex toys and lubricants which suit your body (and are easy/clean to dispense) can put a whole new spin on your sex life and masturbation sessions. You don’t have to splash out hundreds of ££, even spare-change treats like a glycerine-free lubricant (more friendly to vaginas), stimulating condoms or a powerful bullet vibrator can make a big difference during sex.


With renewed motivation to spring clean your sex life, you can look forward to unforgettable sex sessions either solo or shared with a partner. Spring is a fantastic time to ditch the old and welcome the new. Your intimacy levels and sexual pleasure will blossom into a scorching summer of sex leading to a llifetime of good bedroom habits.

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