Convent Walls to Emancipating Calls: My Path to Sexual Equality

Raised in the shadow of a Catholic convent school, I am a Maltese woman whose road towards sexual emancipation has been both rewarding and intricate. Since I grew up in Malta, a nation with solid Catholic ties, my early conception of sexuality was shrouded in secrecy and mystery. My school's nuns instilled the values of modesty and purity with kindness and firmness. If sexuality was discussed at all, it was always on the outskirts, reserved for the sacredness of marriage and childbearing.

In my early years, talking about sexuality was taboo and fraught with guilt. My upbringing was based on an obvious doctrine: talking about or exploring sex was off-limits. This led to a profound internal struggle because my environment's strict lessons conflicted with my adolescent curiosity and growing wants. I recall the girls' quiet talks and silent laughter while attempting to piece together our bodies and desires.

I didn't start to genuinely consider and investigate what sexuality meant to me until I left the convent's walls to attend university. The university was a crucible of ideas, convictions, and, above all, liberation. I got to know people with various philosophies and experiences who had unique views on sexuality. These exchanges were stimulating and eye-opening. I started to read, research, and ask questions. My new professors were books, forums, and open talks with friends.

The process of unlearning deeply rooted beliefs took a long time. It took years for me to get over the shame and guilt I had been ingrained with. Every step I took towards achieving my sexual freedom felt like a tiny revolt against the deeply held convictions from my past. Therapy served as a safe haven where I felt free to express my deepest worries and difficulties without fear of rejection. It was crucial in helping me make sense of my history and fulfil my ambitions.

With a sense of amazement and interest, I started to explore my sexuality. I gained an awareness of my body's language, learned to listen to it, and respected its rhythms. This investigation took me on an emotional and spiritual journey as well as a physical one, which helped me better understand who I am. I gained knowledge about the significance of mutual respect, communication, and consent in sexual relationships.

Years later, I stand here as a liberated, sexually content woman. This freedom includes accepting and celebrating my sexual identity in addition to the actual act of having sex. It's the capacity to talk freely and shamelessly about sexuality. It's in my ability to make well-informed decisions regarding my pleasure and my body.

My experience moving from the strictures of a convent school to a place of sexual fulfilment and liberation is proof of the strength of introspection and perseverance. For ladies who are struggling with comparable circumstances, remember that your sexuality is unique and a lovely, inherent aspect of who you are. While there may be obstacles to fully embracing it, there is also a great deal of joy and freedom to be gained. Accept it, investigate it, and, above all, have fun with it.

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